First blog post

This is our very first post. This is our very first blog. Honestly, we are very new to the whole writing and sharing our thoughts and feelings game. What we are passionate about is sharing the unique experiences we have encountered as we balance the preferences of both of us: Mandy, the creative adventurer and Mark, the avid hunter. We are both firefighters and brand new empty nesters. We are at a point in our lives where we are trying new things and are able to have more fun than ever before.

We also love to take pictures and share stories.

The waterfall in the picture was in Belize. Mandy was terrified to swim into it because she is a terrible swimmer. But she did it anyway. Mark jumped off a high rock into the water. The pictures of his half-naked white body jumping off that rock made Mandy laugh until she cried for weeks. They are not posted here simply because Mandy would like to stay married.

Before we went to Belize, we had never traveled internationally–except to Canada. Taking that leap opened our eyes and our hearts to what the second chapter of our lives could be. Thanks for letting us share our travels and our messy life with you.

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. “We also love to take pictures and share stories.”
    Yea man, that’s what blogging is all about about. When I’m not in the mood to write I just think about that and I’m good for a while.

    You went to Belize? Come to JA next!



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